ACIT sets the standard for online trading during the pandemic


During the first wave of the coronavirus, online commerce flourished, but it also has to comply with certain rules that have already been tested and proven to be effective in terms of security, so it was proposed to implement them as mandatory preventive measures for online retailers.

Now the standards of the Association of Internet Commerce Companies include:

  • contactless delivery of parcels to customers;
  • contactless or remote payment for orders;
  • use of personal protective equipment by all employees;
  • to reduce the stay of customers at the points of issue of orders, it is recommended to reduce the product range;
  • compliance with the established markings to maintain the distance;
  • use of antiseptics freely available to customers.

In addition, ACIT has developed a portal where you can monitor compliance with established standards for secure online trading. All companies that join this initiative will receive a "Safe Service Zone" badge, which can be displayed on their online marketplaces, at pick-up points and even on packaging. This sign will contain a QR code that will take you to the website, which will list a list of standards and hotline contacts in case a violation of these requirements is detected. All reports of violations will be sent directly to the heads of organizations, and if they do not receive any response, then Rospotrebnadzor will deal with such issues.

Today, this idea has already been supported by large retail chains in Russia, but any trading company can add to their list by submitting an application on the above mentioned portal.

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