The poorer the country, the lower the death rate from COVID-19


Scientists have found that in poor countries, the rate of deaths that have occurred is lower than in wealthy countries. This pattern was calculated by scientists from the Imperial College, which is located in London. They were able to find a relationship between the level of state income and mortality from a rampant virus.

The researchers found that "wealthy" countries in most cases have a mortality rate of about 1%, when compared to them, low-income countries have a rate below this percentage. In the course of studying this paradox, about 175 scientific papers were examined and 10 antibody tests were carried out. This made it possible to calculate the fatality rate, which displays the proportion of deaths to the number of infected.

Seroversion was also taken into account in the calculations. That is, it took into account the decrease in the number of antibodies that provoke a negative result during the analysis for the presence of the virus in patients with a positive result at the beginning of their illness.

As a result of all the research and calculations, a pattern was revealed: in high-income countries, mortality is fixed at around 1.15%, while in low-income countries this figure is kept at around 0.23%.

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