Coronavirus in Moscow now - April 2020

Coronavirus in Moscow now, in April 2020, officially confirmed . More than two months have passed since the first case of coronavirus infection in China. During this time, the epidemic covered almost the entire territory of China, and infected people turned to medical institutions in 30 countries around the world. The World Health Organization first assigned the code 2019-nCoV to the virus, then COVID-2019 and recognized the epidemiological situation as an international emergency. This is due to the large number of deaths among the sick.

Coronavirus in Moscow now - latest news - February-March 2020

In Russia, two cases of infection with a dangerous virus were recorded - in the Tyumen region and the Trans-Baikal Territory. Not a single case of coronavirus in Moscow has been identified so far. However, due to the huge flow of foreigners visiting the Russian capital for tourism and work purposes on a daily basis, many Muscovites fear infection.

Coronavirus Moscow - April 2020

The huge population of the capital of Russia is replenished daily by thousands of foreigners. In this regard, the likelihood of the virus entering the territory of Moscow is really high. However, experts from the CMD Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor claim that even thanks to the timely introduced restrictive measures, there is a coronavirus in Moscow. This is confirmed by the data on the infected, which are published on the Internet in real time. He came from where they did not expect - from Italy.

The latest news about the coronavirus in Moscow can be read here .

To prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Moscow, the Ministry of Health has taken the following restrictive measures:

  • Foreigners arriving from China to Moscow are only allowed through Sheremetyevo Airport. All flights from China are served by one terminal F, which is equipped with the necessary equipment and insulators. Diagnostic equipment and personal protective equipment - masks, gloves, suits - were delivered to the terminal;
  • Russian Railways canceled the movement of all trains between Russia and China "until further notice";
  • Chinese tourists can no longer visit the capital and other cities of the Russian Federation without obtaining visas;
  • Since February 14, all charter flights to China from Moscow have been canceled;
  • Regular flights from the capital of the Russian Federation to the cities of China can only be made by Aeroflot aircraft. Other airlines have suspended flights.

Due to the fact that 10-25 days pass the first symptoms In this regard, the risk of the spread of coronavirus in Moscow is still high.

Is there anyone infected with the coronavirus in Moscow?

Is there a coronavirus in Moscow now?

According to official data, the coronavirus exists in Moscow and is spreading at a rapid pace. Not a single graph will show exact information on the number of infected people. Despite this, it is impossible to be unequivocally sure that the declared number of infected people arrived in the capital. The fact is that the symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to the first signs of the flu or a cold. If a sick person did not consider it necessary to contact a medical institution for help, it is impossible to determine the 2019-nCoV . In most cases, the disease is severe, but ends in recovery. In this regard, doctors cannot provide accurate data on the number of people infected around the world.

According to unofficial information, there are more than 25,000 unconfirmed cases of COVID-2019 in the Russian Federation.

Despite the minimal risks for Muscovites, people who frequently visit crowded places should follow the precautionary rules. Simple preventive measures include:

  • wearing a medical mask in public transport, airports, shopping centers and other public places;
  • regular replacement of masks and disposal of used hygiene products;
  • frequent hand washing;
  • maintaining the cleanliness of the home and workplace;
  • treatment of surfaces with which there is direct contact with disinfectant solutions;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • refusal to eat meat of exotic animals;
  • minimizing contact with people who have recently visited China.

These measures should be especially carefully observed by people at risk - the elderly, patients suffering from immunodeficiencies and severe chronic diseases. Among the sick is not a large percentage of children and adolescents. However, it is imperative to conduct an explanatory conversation with children about the danger of the virus and the importance of prevention.

Coronavirus Moscow - preventive measures in the fight against COVID-2019

What to do if you suspect coronavirus in Moscow?

There are no characteristic symptoms indicating infection with the 2019-nCoV virus. Coronavirus can be suspected if the following symptoms appear:

  • an increase in body temperature up to 37-38 ° C with signs of acute fever;
  • bouts of dry coughing causing chest pain;
  • general weakness and malaise;
  • dizziness, headaches;
  • shortness of breath - the inability to take a full breath;
  • diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;
  • muscle pain.

The danger of coronavirus lies not in infection, but in the high probability of developing severe pneumonia. Violating the function of the lungs and the process of saturation of body tissues with oxygen, the disease can lead to the death of the patient.

the first signs of coronavirus appear in Moscow, a person should immediately consult a doctor. The right to choose a medical institution remains with the patient. This may be a public clinic or a private medical center. The specialist will take blood for laboratory analysis to determine the type of pathogen. Diagnostic results will be ready within a day.

Coronavirus Moscow - March 2020 news

If the fact of coronavirus infection in Moscow is confirmed, the patient will be placed in a special isolation box. His condition should be constantly monitored by doctors. There is no specific cure for the 2019-nCoV virus yet, so treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease and combating complications.

Vaccination against coronavirus in Moscow is not yet possible, since work on the creation of a vaccine has just begun. According to medical forecasts, this process will take at least 18 months. During this period, experts recommend carefully monitoring new data on infected people and following disease prevention measures. This will avoid further spread of coronavirus infection and its penetration into the territory of the capital of Russia.

Important information: we recommend that you look at the first symptoms of coronavirus in humans and preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection. The graph on the main page of our project is a detailed online map of the coronavirus with data updated every 15 minutes.

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  1. tatyana

    How is the coronavirus in Moscow different from the coronavirus in other Russian cities? Why is the article dedicated to Moscow?

    1. admin author

      Hello, these sections will form a news feed as the coronavirus spreads in a particular region, city or country.

      1. Anna

        How to get rid of coronovirus?

        1. admin author

          Hello, please clarify your question.

  2. Eugene

    Where is the information about 25,000 infected???

    1. admin author

      Hello, said an employee of the Red Cross, in the Moscow region.

  3. Sergey

    Moscow, March 11, 2020, SZAO, Strogino, 2 cases of Coronavirus were recorded.

    1. Ekaterina

      how are they fixed? Were they diagnosed immediately upon arrival from other countries, or did people after living in Moscow, walking around Moscow, turn to a doctor?

  4. Ekaterina

    People what to do? There is a person, a student in Moscow, who moves around a lot, works part-time, in general, there are always a lot of people around. Call to mother - complaints of diarrhea, after 3 days of heaviness in breathing, dry cough, headaches, low temperature. When advised to consult a doctor - refusal, tk. don't go to the doctor. Are there organizations that oblige such frivolous people to go to the doctor?

    1. Osvna

      You urgently go to the doctor, call an ambulance. We need to think about other people if the coronovirus will go further to other people, why is this.

  5. Ekaterina

    In order to exclude a virus infection, tell me, when and how are those who arrived with the disease isolated?
    They managed to walk around the public with their legs? Then why do tests only arrive? And can a person, feeling in himself all the symptoms of the presence of the virus, be tested at the center of epidemiology?

    1. Veronica

      It is said everywhere: do not go anywhere, stay at home, call a doctor. You contradict yourself. What other center of epidemiology? Go to the website of the Ministry of Health and read what to do and what not to do.

  6. Natalia

    Data for Russia for March 19 - 1 deceased (a woman in Moscow, according to the news, the cause of death was confirmed). But on March 20, there were no dead. Statistics, as I understand it, is taken for all time. I don't even know how to ask... Is the man resurrected?

    1. admin author

      Hello, statistics from official sources are automatically updated and possibly deleted.

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