Who created the coronavirus? Popular death threat theories


The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China has become an unexpected challenge for which the world community was not ready. People are concerned not only with the consequences of the epidemic and the means of vaccination, but also with the causes of the threat. Several plausible theories are being actively discussed in the media and the Internet to explain who created the coronavirus and why. Consider the most interesting versions - from conspiracy theory to the pharmaceutical mafia.

Who created the coronavirus?

Is the coronavirus artificially created?  

Everyone is wondering, is the coronavirus artificially created in a biological laboratory or, on the contrary, is it of natural origin? Horrifying footage from China of people infected with the virus falling on the streets and in public places shocked viewers. The scale of the tragedy made many people think that the mysterious death of people could be beneficial to someone. The theory of the artificial creation of a virus as a biological weapon has many adherents. Conspiracy theorists consider the coronavirus as a military development created for the mass destruction of people.

Is the coronavirus artificially created? Who created it?

Despite many conspiracy theories, epidemiologists categorically deny the possibility of an artificial origin of the virus. This has already been stated by Chinese doctors and representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO). In particular, the head of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, Ben Cowling, spoke sharply about people spreading false information about the origin of the pathogen. The professor assures that there is not a single objective evidence of the artificial nature of the virus.

It should be noted that the largest social network in the world, Facebook, has announced that it will delete all unconfirmed data and fakes about the coronavirus. The company's management believes that conspiracy theories can harm people who believe in them. This Facebook policy has only strengthened the position of conspiracy theorists who believe that the true causes of the epidemic are hidden from the public.

The Chinese created the coronavirus

Who created the coronavirus? theories

Until now, there is no consensus among scientists regarding the origin of the coronavirus. Among the most common theories are the following:

  1. Theory #1 - Chinese biological weapons. According to this theory, the coronavirus is a secret development of Chinese scientists, created as part of the state program on lethal biological weapons. This opinion was published in one of the most authoritative American editions of The Washington Times. The authors of the publication referred to bioweapons analyst Danny Shoham. According to the expert, the leak of the virus from the laboratory was not planned by the developers and occurred as a result of a mistake by scientists.
  2. Theory No. 2 - A cunning move by the pharmaceutical mafia. There is a large group of experts blaming pharmaceutical companies for creating the coronavirus. According to this version, the panic that quickly spread around the world is beneficial to drug manufacturers. Against this background, sales of drugs for the prevention of infectious diseases, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs have sharply increased. In support of their theory, these people also cite a noticeable increase in the shares of pharmaceutical giants. Some believe that a cure and vaccine for coronavirus has already been developed. However, their release to the market is scheduled for a time when WHO recognizes the coronavirus as the main threat of the 21st century. Thus, the developer of the life-saving drug will become the world leader in the pharmaceutical business.
  3. Theory No. 3 - Secret developments of British scientists. Conspiracy theorists discovered that the live coronavirus was created and patented by the Pirbright Institute back in 2015. Even the patent number is known - No. 10.130.701. The Pirbright Institute is the world's leading research center for the study of viral diseases and infections transmitted from animals to humans. A weakened strain of coronavirus infection, allegedly created to combat diseases in poultry. Institute staff categorically deny their involvement in the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, insisting that all development has been stopped and has not been sponsored since 2015.
  4. Theory #4 - Exotic food preferences. This theory of the origin of the pathogen is supported by many epidemiologists. In their opinion, the fish market in the Chinese city of Wuhan sold a large amount of meat from exotic animals - bats, snakes, insects. This product was intended for human consumption. According to experts from the non-profit charity Karmagawa, the first infection was due to eating the meat of an infected wild animal.

While WHO does not officially name the cause of the outbreak, and those who created the coronavirus, therefore, new theories continue to appear in the media every day.

Coronavirus created in the USA

The Chinese created the coronavirus

The version that it was the Chinese who created the deadly coronavirus is confirmed by a series of mysterious coincidences. It is known that the first focus of the epidemic arose in the Chinese city of Wuhan. By coincidence, it is in this city that the Institute of Virology is located, under the control of which the most modern virological laboratory in China operates. It is noteworthy that it was assigned the 4th level of biosafety according to the international classification (BSL-4). This means that within the walls of the laboratory, work can officially be carried out with deadly pathogens of a viral nature.

Such a suspicious coincidence could not go unnoticed. There is a heated debate among supporters of this theory about whether the coronavirus leak was an accidental or planned action by the Chinese government. Some believe that in this way the ruling party is trying to influence the demographic situation, since among the dead there are many elderly people of incapacitated age.

Where was the Chinese coronavirus created?

Coronavirus created in the USA     

I wonder if the coronavirus was created in the USA or is this epidemic of natural origin? Conspiracy theorists are still looking for an American footprint in the emergence of a deadly new pathogen. Among the possible versions, the involvement of the creator of Microsoft Corporation and one of the richest people on the planet, Bill Gates, is considered. According to some reports, he sponsored virus-related developments at the same Pirbright Institute. The reasons why the billionaire needed the creation of a biological weapon of this magnitude are not called.

According to another version, the American secret society QAnon is involved in the epidemic. This is the latest conspiracy movement in the United States, supporting the current President of America, Donald Trump. Representatives of the society are waging an information war against a number of leaders of the US Democratic Party. According to some conspiracy theorists, there may be powerful people among QAnon's supporters who sponsor the development of biological weapons in order to gain new levers of power.

While the media and the Internet are looking for the cause of the coronavirus , scientists are trying to develop an effective vaccine against the pathogen. To date, Chinese and Australian virologists have succeeded in isolating and isolating the 2019-nCoV virus. This was the first step towards the development of a life-saving drug.

Do you believe that the Chinese coronavirus is artificially created?

So far, it has not been possible to establish exactly who created the coronavirus and whether it is artificial, although all prerequisites exist and should be discussed in all countries.

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