Coronavirus news: Summer Olympics decision expected within a month


The International Olympic Committee, facing mounting pressure to postpone the Tokyo Summer Olympics, said Sunday it would decide within four weeks whether to postpone or reschedule the 2020 Summer Games due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The committee reaffirmed its president Thomas Bach's position that canceling the Games was not an option at all, and he attempted to address complaints that the committee was not transparent about how or when a decision would be made.

For several weeks, the leaders of the Olympics have decided to continue with the Games, which are scheduled to take place on July 24 and run until August 9, despite the pandemic and the growing restrictions athletes face in training as lockdowns were announced in their countries.

The Norwegian National Olympic Committee, in a statement on Friday, was the first to say that the Olympic Games should be postponed until the global pandemic is brought under control. The Brazilian Olympic Committee on Saturday also approved the postponement of the games to next year.

In the United States, whose companies are investing a significant portion of their money in funding the Olympics, the U.S. sports regulators for the US Swimming and Athletics are calling for a one-year delay. Together, these sports typically make up the majority of medals in the United States.

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