UN calls for routine immunization of children against measles and polio


The UN believes that the ongoing pandemic should not in any way affect the abolition of immunization for children. The UN Children's Fund called for all necessary measures to be taken to carry out previously scheduled vaccinations to avoid infection with measles and polio among children.

Today, almost all the resources of the healthcare systems of many countries are devoted to the fight against coronavirus, so there are serious delays in the production of vaccines for other epidemics. WHO and UNICEF have made calculations that show that it will be possible to cover all the existing problems in the immunization of countries only with additional funding, the amount of which should be $655 million.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, head of WHO, said that the active fight against the pandemic has caused irreparable damage to immunization plans around the world, which could lead to negative consequences. However, the availability of experience and all the necessary tools to combat measles and poliomyelitis will soon solve the current situation. Now the remaining resources are thrown to solve this issue as quickly as possible and save millions of children's lives.

Statistics show that over the past few years, outbreaks of measles and polio have been observed around the world in those countries where the population has refused immunization. The figures show that many more cases of infection were detected in 2019 than in the last 20 years of these diseases worldwide.

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