Prince William secretly contracted coronavirus


Prince William did not advertise the fact that he was seriously ill this spring during the first wave of coronavirus, thereby joining the ranks of the “star patients”. The royal family decided to keep the heir's illness a secret, despite the fact that the illness proceeded with rather severe complications. By this they wanted not to sow panic in society, but in the end the information was leaked to the media and now everyone is openly talking about it.

Page Six was the first to report this to the world, stating that William's condition was very serious and there were serious breathing problems. However, with such complications, the monarch was not hospitalized, since he was completely isolated from society at the Anmer Hall residence, which is located in Norfolk. He was treated by court physicians, who were able to achieve first alleviation of his suffering, and then a full recovery.

The secrecy of the monarch's illness was so high that, despite his indisposition, he continued to fulfill his direct royal duties, only he transferred all meetings online. For example, in April, the prince held as many as 14 remote meetings with representatives of medicine and other public organizations. Now William's health, judging by official sources, is not in danger, but during the second wave of this kind of information may again be hidden.

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