Prevention of coronavirus in humans in 2020

Prevention of coronavirus in humans in 2020 is a set of measures aimed at strengthening the protective functions of the body in the fight against infection. The large-scale coronavirus epidemic that began in China at the end of 2019 worries everyone who cares about their health and the lives of loved ones. Infection with a new Chinese virus leads to the development of dangerous pneumonia, which can be fatal. A specific vaccine and cure for the disease has not yet been developed. To avoid infection, it is important to follow simple rules for the prevention of coronavirus.

General prevention of coronavirus (COVID-2019) in humans in 2020

Prevention of coronavirus in humans in 2020

In order to properly organize preventive measures, it is important to know how the pathogen spreads and what poses a threat. The original source of the Chinese 2019-nCoV virus (COVID-2019 is the official name) was allegedly wild or domestic animals. Scientists are inclined to believe that the first infection occurred when a person came into contact with a bat. Therefore, prevention of coronavirus includes limiting interactions with other animals and eating meat from wild animals.

From person to person, the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and the fecal-oral route. In large quantities, the pathogen is found in the natural secretions of the nasopharynx, vomit, feces of a sick animal or person. The way in which the 2019-nCoV virus enters the body depends on the development of the infectious process. With airborne infection - respiratory symptoms , with the fecal-oral route of transmission - gastrointestinal lesions.

Prevention of coronavirus is necessary even for those who have already had this disease. The fact is that antibodies are synthesized during the illness, but they do not guarantee protection against re-infection.

Measures to prevent coronavirus in adults 

Prevention of coronavirus in adults

Preventive measures in adults include the following recommendations:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of all surfaces in the house and office, regularly carry out wet cleaning and ventilation of the premises;
  • Keep your hands clean, use disinfectants for hygiene procedures;
  • Try not to touch your lips, eyes, nasal mucosa with your hands. You can do this only after washing your hands. Scientists say that people unconsciously make such touches at least 15 times per hour;
  • Purchase a hand sanitizer dispenser (spray) from the pharmacy and carry it with you at all times. This will help organize the prevention of coronavirus, wherever you are.
  • Try to cook your own food or eat at trusted catering establishments. Do not buy questionable fast food, especially dishes containing meat;
  • Do not eat food from the same package with other people (nuts, chips, candy biscuits). Give preference to snacks and products in sealed individual packaging. Also, you can not drink drinks from the same bottle with other people;
  • is very important to follow the rules for the prevention of coronavirus when visiting public places. This is especially true for places where a large number of foreigners gather. Such places include airports, train stations, public transport, sports arenas. In such places, it is better to wear a medical mask or cover your mouth and nose with a clean tissue;
  • While the epidemic is not suppressed, try not to shake hands or kiss when meeting with unfamiliar people. These normal coronavirus prevention measures should not be perceived by others as a sign of neglect;
  • Be attentive to the cleanliness of the surfaces of gadgets and electronics - smartphone screen, remote controls, computer keyboard and mouse, etc.;
  • Make sure each family member has their own personal hygiene kit – toothbrush, towel, comb, underwear, etc.

Among the measures of mandatory prevention, doctors indicate the wearing of medical masks. However, the effectiveness of mask protection depends on compliance with the rules for its use. To limit the contact of the viral pathogen with the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, the gap between the face and the mask should be minimal. Do not touch the mask with your hands during use. After each use, it is important to change medical masks. The repeated use of such means of prevention and their transfer to other people is strictly prohibited.

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Measures to prevent coronavirus in children

Prevention of coronavirus in children

The main thing that parents need to do is to have a conversation with their children about the danger of infection and the importance of preventing coronavirus. School-age children need to understand how serious the threat is from poor hand and surface hygiene.

Doctors include other measures to prevent coronavirus in children:

  • comprehensive strengthening of the child's immunity - good nutrition, vitamin intake, physical activity, hardening;
  • limiting contact with sick people;
  • refusal to visit medical institutions unnecessarily;
  • temporary restriction of visits to crowded places.

At the first signs of respiratory disease in a child, consult a doctor immediately. Cases of infection of children and adolescents have already been officially recorded. However, doctors note that there were no deaths among children. This means that a key role in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus should be assigned to the child's own immunity.

Preparations for the prevention of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health of Russia recommends three drugs that are effective in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus. This list includes:

  • Ribavirin is an effective antiviral drug used to treat severe infections of the respiratory spectrum. The drug is available in capsules.
  • Lopinavir + Ritonavir is a combination antiviral agent designed to combat severe immunodeficiencies.
  • Recombinant interferon beta-1b is an antiproliferative, antiviral and immunomodulatory drug.

It is important to remember that it is absolutely impossible to start taking medications for the prevention of coronavirus without consulting a doctor. The specialist will conduct a professional assessment of the state of the immune system and, if necessary, prescribe medication prophylaxis.

General measures for the prevention of coronavirus in Russia - recommendations and memo of the Ministry of Health

General coronavirus prevention measures in Russia - WHO

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has developed temporary guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus infection. Experts recommend that Russians temporarily refuse to visit China without urgent need. Also, on February 14, a ban on flights to China for charter flights came into force in Russia. Even before that, the number of airlines allowed to fly to China was limited.

Other measures to prevent coronavirus in Russia include the following restrictions:

  • temporary cancellation of the visa-free regime for visiting Russia for tourists from China;
  • closure of part of the checkpoints with China in the Far East;
  • the introduction of a state of emergency in certain areas directly bordering the PRC;
  • the earlier evacuation of Russian citizens located in the city of Wuhan.

Also, the memo of the Ministry of Health describes preventive measures in relation to the source of infection:

  • immediate isolation of patients in special boxes or wards of an infectious diseases hospital;
  • use of medical masks and their mandatory replacement every 2 hours;
  • transportation of infected patients by separate transport;
  • use of disposable sterile medical instruments.

If you follow the rules for the prevention of coronavirus, the risk of infection is significantly reduced. Only vaccination will completely eliminate the likelihood of developing the disease. The best specialists from around the world are already working on the creation of an effective vaccine.

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