Dispelled the myth about the benefits of alcohol in the fight against coronavirus


The harm of alcohol for the human body has always been obvious, but there was an opinion in society that it has a positive effect on recovery when infected with a coronavirus, killing its cells. But the other day, Russian narcologist Ruslan Isaev dispelled this myth, reassuring lovers of strong drinks. The specialist claims that alcohol does not affect the particles of the virus in any way, but it still causes harm to the body, thereby weakening the immune system.

Ruslan Isaev, in the line of his work, often hears stories that strong drinks have a positive effect on the course of the disease, giving ephemeral and temporary relief, so he has to convince not only his patients, but also those who distribute these epics in society. The doctor, as his rightness, cites data from repeated studies that were conducted on alcohol during the first wave of COVID-19. Almost all of them showed that alcohol, especially in strong drinks, cannot kill a virus cell, but at the same time greatly weakens the body, thereby increasing a person’s chances of becoming infected due to weakened immunity.

This was also previously stated by the famous Russian therapist Philip Kuzmenko , who recommended for the period of treatment, as well as during the pandemic as a whole, to completely abandon the use of alcohol. Dehydration only exacerbates the situation, in addition to other troubles that can occur with frequent use of strong alcohol.

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