Coronavirus in Russia today: how many infected and dead

Coronavirus in Russia today: how many people got infected, recovered, died

In this article, you will find out if there are people infected with coronavirus in Russia using an online distribution map, the data of which is updated at regular intervals. Coronavirus in Russia today as of March 2020, according to the latest news, is recorded in several regions and does not pose a threat to the population.

It is worth noting that the coronavirus in Russia may begin to spread in March from large cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. Where, definitely, there are more Chinese tourists.

Coronavirus in Russia today - April 2020   

On February 2, 2020, the new Prime Minister of Russia approved a list of diseases that are dangerous to others. Coronavirus infection has become an important item on this list. The fact is that the highest risk of developing an outbreak of a deadly disease is recorded in countries that have borders with China. Russia is included in this list.

To prevent the penetration of a dangerous virus into the territory of the Russian Federation, on December 31, 2019, the authorities decided to temporarily close part of the checkpoints with China in the Far East. However, air communication with Chinese cities has not yet been suspended. Only the list of airlines that are allowed to fly in this direction is limited. We recommend that you look at the online map of the spread of coronavirus in Russia and in the world .

Coronavirus in Russia today     

Other preventive measures by the Russian authorities include:

  • Urgent evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation located in the city of Wuhan and the province of Hubei for tourist and work purposes;
  • Temporary refusal to issue work visas to persons with Chinese citizenship;
  • Temporary closure of checkpoints on the Russian-Mongolian border;
  • Suspension of visa-free border crossing for Chinese tourists;
  • Introduction of mandatory quarantine for persons with Chinese citizenship and a residence permit in Russia.

According to experts, these measures will not be able to provide one hundred percent protection against an outbreak of the epidemic, but are designed to reduce the number of people infected.

Is there a coronavirus in Russia? - Yes.

Despite the restrictive measures of the government, to date, more than 700 cases of infected persons staying in the territory of the Russian Federation have already been recorded. Among the sick are Chinese citizens who arrived in Russia from Wuhan and Hubei province, as well as many others.

This greatly increases the risk of infection for those who have been in contact with patients. All these people are advised to immediately contact medical institutions for testing for the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. Early detection of the virus will facilitate its treatment and help to avoid further spread of the disease.

Do you think there are chances for a rapid development of the spread of coronavirus in Russia in April 2020?

Coronavirus patients in Russia today

As of today , the following cities in Russia have Coronavirus:

  • A case of infection in Tyumen. It is known that the infected Chinese girl is a student of one of the universities in Tyumen. She sought medical attention for mild symptoms of malaise and fever. Already in the hospital, her condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Now doctors note a noticeable improvement in the patient's condition. Two students who were in contact with the girl also applied to the clinic for a preventive analysis. According to the results of diagnostics, coronavirus was not detected in their blood.
  • A case of infection in the Trans-Baikal Territory. According to the latest data, the infected Chinese citizen is named Wang Yunbin. On the territory of the Russian Federation, he was with his wife and son. He also went to the hospital complaining of fever and severe cough. Doctors are now monitoring his condition. The patient's wife showed no symptoms of coronavirus, and her son had a fever. Doctors have not yet disclosed additional data on his condition.

Doctors warn that these are only officially confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Russia. There is a risk that some of the infected people will not go to medical facilities.

In which cities of Russia is the coronavirus spreading?    

In two regions of Primorye, a state of emergency has already been introduced today, due to the proximity of the border with China. According to experts, the highest risk of the spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV in the territory of the Russian Federation is observed in the following territorial districts:

  • Primorsky Krai;
  • Khabarovsk region;
  • Amur region;
  • Transbaikal region;
  • Buryatia;
  • Yakutia;
  • Jewish Autonomous Region.
  • Saint Petersburg.
  • Moscow.
  • Krasnodar.
  • Republic of Crimea.
  • Sevastopol.
  • Novosibirsk.
  • and others

A map of the spread of coronavirus will help determine the exact settlements with the number of infected by regions and cities of our country.

However, the case in Tyumen shows that the risk of infection exists in all cities with air links with China.

Forecasts : based on analyzes of media sources, the latest news about coronavirus in Russia suggests that the outbreak of the epidemic will occur in March-April 2020.
April update: self-isolation regime introduced, active spread of COVID-19 occurs in all cities of the Russian Federation,

Preventive measures in the fight against coronavirus in Russia

To avoid infection, doctors recommend following these recommendations:

  • postpone tourist and business trips to Asian countries;
  • avoid staying in crowded places;
  • do not contact people who have recently arrived from China;
  • wear a medical mask in public transport, airports, on the territory of medical institutions;
  • wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap;
  • avoid exotic foods.
  • stay at home, observe the regime of self-isolation.

These measures do not provide complete protection against infection with coronavirus, but significantly reduce the risks.

The first symptoms of coronavirus in Russians

After the virus enters the human body, the incubation period begins. It lasts from 7 to 14 days. At this time, the patient does not feel any symptoms, while being a dangerous source of infection for the people around him.

The first signs of a coronavirus infection are identical to the symptoms of a common cold:

  • increase in body temperature up to 37-38°C;
  • bouts of dry cough;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • sore throat and chest area;
  • general weakness and malaise;
  • manifestations of a runny nose;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • muscle pain;
  • disorders of the digestive system - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • sudden loss of consciousness.

Given the deadly danger that coronavirus can carry, if these symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a medical facility.

Do you think the coronavirus is dangerous for the citizens of our country?

Coronavirus in Russia latest news April 2020

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