In Denmark, 17 million minks will be killed due to a mutated virus


This summer, outbreaks of COVID-19 among minks were recorded in Europe, which led to their total destruction in the Netherlands. More than a million minks have been destroyed to stop the spread of the virus. It seems that Denmark, which faced a similar problem during the second wave of coronavirus, will now act according to this scenario.

Outbreaks of infection were recorded on mink farms, where a virus mutation was also detected. The danger lies in the fact that the mutated virus began to spread to people, which entails a new danger against the backdrop of an already difficult epidemiological situation in the country.

On Wednesday, November 4, the Danish Prime Minister told the press that many agricultural workers have already been infected with a new strain of a mutated virus, which, as it turned out, was transmitted to humans from minks.

The Danish Ministry of Health has expressed its concern about how the new format of the virus can affect human immunity, as well as greatly complicate the already difficult process of creating a vaccine against the old strain coronavirus.

In this regard, the Danish government intends to kill all farm-raised minks, which now number about 17 million. Following the example of the Netherlands, which were able to stop the mutation and spread of the virus in this way, the agricultural workers of Denmark will now be forced to get rid of animals and deprive themselves of a large share of the profits, not in the most humane way.

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