The COVID-19 vaccine will be as safe as the flu vaccine


On November 5, 2020, during a virtual press conference, the deputy head of the Pan American Health Organization, Jarbas Barbosa, said that the future vaccine against COVID-19, which will be approved by the authorities of the countries and WHO, will not have any consequences for the human body. He compared it with the well-known flu vaccine, from which there are no side effects, and added that the same situation will be with the new coronavirus vaccine.

It was also separately noted that any new vaccine , before being issued to countries for mass vaccination of the population, must go through three stages of clinical trials, after which all the results are made public.

WHO vaccine prequalification experts intend to scrutinize the quality of all incoming vaccines, which countries will then procure through an international vaccine collaboration program called the COVAX Alliance.

Zarbas Barbosa also said that it is necessary to create a monitoring system that will follow the mass vaccination after it is on the market. This will be the so-called fourth stage of clinical trials, when the third phase of trials is scheduled for the period: early November 2020 - first half of 2021. However, there is no clear time frame for when mass immunization of the population against the virus will begin, since unforeseen situations may arise in the process of creating an effective vaccine.

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