WHO warns of dire situation in coming months


WHO officially warns that in the coming months it is worth preparing for a noticeable complication of the situation with COVID-19. This was stated by the representative of the World Health Organization in Russia, Melita Vujnovic.

According to her, we are now at a critical stage in the spread of the pandemic, if you look at the situation in a global context. The virus is spreading especially quickly in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet, where in the near future we need to prepare for an aggravation of the epidemiological situation.

According to TASS according to Melita Vujnovic, we need to wait for the next few months for the maximum complication, since the current situation clearly shows that the growth rate of the spread of the virus has increased markedly. Already now, states need to quickly take all necessary quarantine measures in order to prevent not only the number of infected, but also reduce the number of deaths.

Also, the WHO representative in Russia once again noted her concern that COVID-19 has long-term consequences, which we already see in the second wave, and that the impact of this virus can be very long. However, in this difficult situation, hope is placed on vaccination, which is being prepared both in Russia and in other countries, with which there are certain difficulties , but scientists soon promise to show us a positive result.

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