WHO urged to prepare for a difficult winter period


COVID-19, the cold and the flu season that has begun are the most pressing problems now that torment the inhabitants of our planet, which is experiencing the second wave of coronavirus , and the cold season that has come in many regions only exacerbates the current situation with the pandemic. Against this background WHO warns that it is necessary to prepare for a rather difficult winter. This is especially true for poor countries where there are problems with providing normal heating.

WHO representatives paid special attention to low-income families who will not be able to pay for heating next winter due to the economic crisis both in their country and in the world as a whole. Today, many have already lost their jobs, and the raging pandemic, according to all forecasts, will only aggravate the situation and leave many below the poverty line.

It was also noted that the use of solid fuels for heating, which is often practiced by rural residents, can increase the risk of getting various types of diseases due to excessively polluted air, which will be saturated with carbon monoxide and all kinds of combustion products. Statistics show a large number of deaths on this basis, when coal or wood was used for heating residential premises in unprepared conditions for this.

The WHO has called on all countries to provide quality heating, as tightened quarantine measures will force many families to spend a lot of time at home. Prolonged stay in cramped, damp and cold spaces can provoke a new wave of infection among the poor, which will only aggravate the already difficult epidemiological situation in many countries.

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