The doctor called the products that can not be taken in case of infection


The other day, Sputnik radio took a rather interesting interview with Philip Kuzmenko, a well-known general practitioner. During the conversation, products were named that are recommended to be excluded from the diet if there is already infection with coronavirus or there is a suspicion of infection.

As such, there is no strict list of foods that should not be eaten, but the doctor strongly recommended that you limit yourself from salty foods. This applies to all foods high in salt. It is also worth limiting yourself as much as possible in the use of alcoholic beverages, as they quickly dehydrate the body, while salt makes the blood thicker, which makes it difficult to transport the liquid component into the tissues for their normal functioning. Thickening of the blood negatively affects the course of the disease, so you need to bet more on simple lean food and on a large amount of the daily intake of water. The main task during infection is to maintain a normal water balance in the body, which is necessary to restore immunity and for the normal functioning of the body as a whole.

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